Just a folder
Volume 1 1 平成のホームズ The Heisei Holmes Kudou Shinichi gets involved in one case too many…. 1
2 小さくなった名探偵 The Miniaturized Detective
3 仲間はずれの名探偵 The Great Detective Left Out Conan's first case is kidnapping, but no one will listen to him. 2
4 6本目の煙突 The 6th Chimney
5 もう一人の犯人 Another Culprit
6 迷探偵を名探偵に The Lost Detective Becomes the Great Detective Mouri's favorite idol singer, Yohko, is a suspect in a murder. 3
7 血ぬれたアイドル The Blood Drenched Idol
8 あなたに似た人 The Person Who Looks Like You
9 不幸な誤解 An Unfortunate Misunderstanding
Volume 2 10 割のいい尾行 The Profitable Tailing Mouri is paid a large sum of money to follow a man who ends up dead. 4
11 完璧なアリバイ A Perfect Alibi
12 写真は語る The Photo Speaks
13 行方不明の男 The Missing Man A girl's search for her missing father leads to a series of murders. 5
14 かわいそうな少女 The Poor Girl
15 大男えを追え! Follow the Large Man!
16 悪魔のような女 The Devilish Woman
17 恐怖の館 The Scary Mansion Three of Conan's classmates convince him to investigate a haunted house with them. 6
18 消える子供達 The Disappearing Children
19 地下室の悪夢 The Basement Nightmare
Volume 3 20 旗本家の一族 The Hatamoto Clan A family facing a series of murders is lucky to have Conan on the boat with them. 7
21 密室の秘密 The Secret of the Secret Room
22 遺産の行方 The Whereabouts of the Inheritance
23 一族抹殺 The Clan's Annihilation
24 暗闇の仕掛人 Darkness's Instigator
25 かなわぬ夢 The Unfulfilled Dream
26 奇妙な贈り物 The Strange Presents A concerned father comes to Mouri with some strange gifts his son is being sent. Can Conan solve the case without revealing his identity to Ran? 8
27 同一人物 The Same Person
28 8月3日の謎 The Mystery of August 3rd
29 眼前セーフ An Unmistakable "Safe"
Volume 4 30 甲冑の騎士 Armored Knight A murder in a museum is captured on video, but the perpetrator is a suit of armor? 9
31 ダイイング・メッサージ Dying Message
32 書けないペン The Pen That Can't Write
33 はちあわせた二人組 The Pair Stumbled Upon Conan comes across the men in black again, and they plan to blow up the train he's riding on! 10
34 グリーン車の四人 The Four on the Green Car
35 ラスト10秒の恐怖 The Terror of the Last 10 Seconds
36 暗号表入手!! A Code Sheet in Hand!! The Detective Boys are convinced a code sheet they stumble across is the road to treasure 11
37 暗号解読のABC The ABCs of Deciphering the Code
38 答ともうひとつの答 The Answer and Another Answer
39 光る魚の正体 The True Form of the Light Fish
Volume 5 40 怪人。。。包帯の男 The Mystery Person, a Bandaged Man Ran's best friend, Sonoko, is with her sister at a reunion, can Conan solve the inevitable murder without Mouri there as a front? 12
41 第一の犠牲者! The First Victim
42 蘭ピンチ! Ran in a Pinch!
43 暗闇の襲撃 Attack in the Dark
44 殺人鬼の正体! The Murderer's True Form
45 カラオケ殺人! The Karaoke Killing Sonoko is after a rock star, unfortunately a murderer gets to him first, which means Conan has to find the murderer. 13
46 自殺か他殺か? Suicide or Murder?
47 歌に秘められた謎 The Mystery within the Song
48 すれちがい。。。 A Near Miss…
49 見知らぬ来訪者 The Unknown Visitor Conan's mother shows up to pick him up, the problem is "Conan" has no mother. Is Shinichi's game up? 14
50 脱出そして追跡 Escape, then Pursuit
Volume 6 51 仮面の下の真実 The Truth Under the Mask
52 三人の訪問客? The Three Guests A man with three appointments (not including one with Mouri) is killed by one of his three guests. 15
53 三人のアリバイ The Three Alibis
54 留守番電話の謎 The Mystery of the Answering Machine
55 タンスの言葉 The Words on the Bureau
56 結成!少年探偵団 Formation of the Detective Boys! The Detective Boys officially form, but when they report a corpse that is no where to be found, they're going to have to work hard to get their credibility back. 16
57 ナゾの兄弟 The Mysterious Brothers
58 動く死体の謎 The Mystery of the Moving Corpse
59 祭りの夜 Night of the Festival A man is shown shooting his friend, but when the police catch him, photos provide him an airtight alibi. 17
60 アリバイは完璧!? A Perfect Alibi!?
Volume 7 61 写真のワナ The Photo's Trap
62 月影島への招待状 The Invitation to Tsukikage Island An invitation from a man found to be long dead leads to a case of "sex", drugs and classical music. 18
63 ピアノの呪い The Curse of the Piano
64 残された楽譜 The Leftover Notes
65 業火の秘密 The Hellfire's Secret
66 血染めのボタン The Blood Stained Button
67 名前の秘密!! Secret of the Name!!
68 新一の恋人!! Shinichi's Girlfriend!! When a girl claiming to be Shinichi's girlfriend comes looking for him, there's a race to see if Conan can solve her case before Ran finds him out. 19
69 名探偵 蘭!? Great Detective Ran!?
70 命のタイムリミット!? Life's Time Limit!
Volume 8 71 ついに見つけた!! Found at Last!!
72 ナイトバロン Night Baron A Mystery Tour in a hotel results in murder and more mysteries when the fictional character Night Barron shows up. 20
73 恐怖のウイルス The Terrifying Virus
74 仮面の下 Beneath the Mask
75 蘭の涙 Ran's Tears
76 風のいたずら!? A trick of the Wind!?
77 落下地点の秘密 The Secret of the Dropping Point
78 花嫁の悲劇 The Bride's Tragedy Shinichi's former teacher is about to get married, but she collapses, poisoned, before the ceremony. 21
79 禁断のレモンティー!? Forbidden Lemon Tea!?
80 殺しの理由 The Reason for Murder
Volume 9 81 危ないかくれんぼ Dangerous Hide-n-seek A game in the park ends in Ayumi trapped in the trunk of two suspicious characters. 22
82 声を追え!! Follow that Voice!!
83 えっ!本当!? Eh! Really!?
84 小五郎の同窓会 Kogorou's Reunion The manager of Mouri's old Judo club is shot during a reunion. 23
85 意外なヒント The Unexpected Hint
86 弁慶の仁王立ち Benkei's Guardian Deva Pose
87 花婿選び The Groom Selection An heiress having her birthday party in a remote cabin disappears, and a murderer starts targeting the guests. 24
88 忍び寄る影 The Sneaking Shadow
89 死体がもうひとつ。。。 Another Corpse…
90 無差別殺人!? An Indiscriminate Killer!?
Volume 10 91 水の時間差トリック The Water Time Discrepancy Trick
92 西の名探偵 The Great Detective of the West Hattori Heiji, the Kudou Shinichi of West Japan, shows up to match wits against his Eastern counterpart. 25
93 二人の推理 Double Deduction
94 東の名探偵。。。!? The Great Detective of the East…!?
95 東の名探偵現る!? The Great Detective of the East Appears!?
96 熱いからだ Feverish Body Conan thinks he can get back to his old self, but has one last chance at solving a gruesome murder with the Detective Boys where the police suspect a head librarian. 26
97 忍び寄る殺人鬼 The Sneaking Murderer
98 もう一人の乗客 Another Passenger
99 吹雪が呼んだ惨劇 The Tragedy Called by the Blizzard Invited to a group of medical teachers' cabin for dinner, Mouri gladly accepts. The head doctor is murdered, but not before leaving a dying message. 27
100 最後の言葉 Last Words
Volume 11 101 話すテーブルクロス The Speaking Tablecloth
102 生放送中の死 The Live Broadcast Death Mouri's appearance on a mystery show leads to a real murder mystery. 28
103 幻の道 The Phantom Path
104 緊急推理ショー The Emergency Deduction Show
105 大事な人!? Important Person!? Ran sneaking off to meet somone attracts Conan's attention, and leads him to a murder in a café restroom. 29
106 凶器のありか The Weapon's Whereabouts
107 二つの謎 Two Mysteries
108 修行の間 The Ascetic Training Room A stay at a remote, rumoredly haunted temple leads to a murder mystery. 30
109 桜と壁の穴 Cherry Blossoms and the Hole in the Wall
110 宙に浮く力 The Power of Levitation
Volume 12 111 博士の宝箱 The Professor's Treasure Box A treasure hunt set up by Professor Agasa for the Detective Boys leads to a real treasure hunt- and real danger. 31
112 黒い太陽 Black Sun
113 宝の正体 The Treasure's True Form
114 突然の遭遇 The Sudden Encounter An encounter with a member of a syndicate at a gaming convention leads Conan to an unexpected explosion. 32
115 爆弾の行方 The Whereabouts of the Bomb
116 コナンの誤算 Conan's Miscalculation
117 マイクロフトでの集い Gathering at Mycroft A Sherlock Holmes themed vacation brings the return of Shinichi's rival, Heiji. Conan has to solve a real murder that occurs with Heiji keeping a suspicious eye on him. 33
118 知りすぎた女 The Woman Who Knew Too Much
119 ナゾの爆発 The Mysterious Explosion
120 見破られたウソ The Lie Discovered
Volume 13 121 本当の姿 The True Shape
122 目撃者は。。。!? The Eyewitnesses…!? A clearcut murder witnessed by Conan turns into a mystery when it turns out that the suspects are identical triplets. 34
123 三つ子の容疑者 The Triplet Suspects
124 哀しき兄弟の絆 The Sorrowful Bond of the Brothers
125 落ちる死体 The Falling Corpse Conan witnesses the "suicide" of an illustrator, but he's positive that one of his fellow witnesses murdered her instead. 35
126 疑惑の自殺 The Suspicious Suicide
127 花と蝶 Flower and Butterfly
128 逃亡者 The Fugitive The Detective Boys' tour of the studio that makes Gomera turns into a murder mystery. 36
129 怪獣ゴメラ悲劇 The Tragedy of the Monster Gomera
130 去りゆく後ろ姿 His Departing Form
Volume 14 131 写真があった!! There's a Photo!! A wife suspects her husband, a famous magician, was murdered, while Ran suspects Conan seems a lot like Shinichi. 37
132 電話の数字 The Phone's Numbers
133 事件はこれから!? The Incident from Now On!?
134 落葉の中の尋問 Interrogation in the Falling Leaves Shinichi is whisked off on an adventure by his mother to visit a family that suspects an uncle returned from Brazil is an imposter there to collect an inheritance. 38
135 母さんの胸の中!? In Mother's Heart!?
136 コナンの笑み。。。 Conan's Smile…
137 有希子の笑み。。。 Yukiko's Smile…
138 もう一人の。。。。 Another…
139 奇妙な集まり A Strange Gathering A ski outing with Sonoko and Ran turns into a series of stranglings in a lodge. 39
140 最後の客 The Last Guest
Volume 15 141 ない!? None!?
142 消えた凶器 The Vanished Weapon
143 涙で語る真実 The Truth Conveyed with Tears
144 声が似てる!? Our voices are similar!? Conan and the gang have to save Two-Mix from kidnappers. 40
145 狙うは。。。 The Target is…
146 デュエット! Duet!
147 指をペロッ!? Wetting His Thumb!? Mouri's fourth for Mahjong is found mysteriously poisoned. 41
148 魔法を使った!? They used Magic!?
149 悪魔の呼び声 The Demon's Call
150 血染めの包帯 The Blood Stained Bandages In another meeting with Hattori Heiji, an old man's birthday party is interrupted by the murder of his son-in-law. 42
Volume 16 151 白き殺人者 The White Murderer
152 真実の電話 Phone of Truth
153 炎の絆 The Bond of Flames
154 学校の不思議 The School Mysteries The Detective Boys investigate rumors of their school being haunted. 43
155 誰かいる!? Somebody's There!?
156 邂逅 Encounter Conan encounters his toughest oponent yet, the infamous gentleman theif, Kaitou Kid. 44
157 消滅 Vanish
158 気配 Scent
159 終極 Conclusion
160 陶芸家達の企み The Ceramists' Tricks A pottery master's daughter-in-law is killed after breaking one pot too many. 45
Volume 17 161 動かぬ証拠 The Unmoving Evidence
162 音で殺す!? Killed by a Sound!?
163 三つの謀 The Three Schemes Ran's "Parent Trap" is interrupted by a girl bitten by a sea snake. 46
164 逃げた凶器 The Runaway Weapon
165 忘れちゃいない Unforgotten
166 どうしよう!? What Should I Do!? A visit to Mouri in the hospital leads to a potential case for the Detective Boys. 47
167 時計が。。。 Clocks… A clock themed treasure hunt turns sinister. 48
168 鬼が出た!? Demons Came Out!?
169 L・N・R L N R
170 役者が揃った The Actors Are All in Place An actor asks Mouri to help him prepare for a detective role, when his wife is murdered in the apartment next to them. Conan notices the actor isn't as sad as he seems to be. 49
Volume 18 171 同じはずなのに。。。 It Should Be the Same, but…
172 二つの部屋 The Two Rooms
173 初恋の人。。。 First Love What's this? Shinichi, his beautiful former soccer team manager, and a confession of first love?? And later at her birthday party the girl is trapped in a fire. 50
174 燃える真実 Burning Truth
175 心は開く!? Opening Your Heart
176 転校生は… Transfer Student… There's a new girl in school who seems interested in Conan so she comes along with the Detective Boys on a kidnapping case. 51
177 黒ずくめの女 Woman in Black
178 コードネーム・シェリー Codename: Sherry
179 偽りの少女 The Deceptive Girl Conan and Haibara's search for clues to APTX 4869 lead to a murder mystery. 52
180 チェックメイト Checkmate
Volume 19 181 どうして… Why…
182 蒸発した文士 The Vanished Writer A girl enlists Mouri's help to find her father before it's too late... 53
183 1/2 の頂点 Halfway-up
184 フランスにて… In France...
185 食いだおれの街 The "Eat 'til You Drop" City A visit to Osaka brings danger, and who's this girl who knows about Hattori and Kudou? 54
186 四人目の財布 The Fourth Wallet
187 財布の中の Inside the Wallets
188 免許証の秘密 The Secret of the Licenses
189 狙われたボール The Targetted Ball The Detective Boys find themselves wrapped up in another incident, this time at a soccer game with 56,000 unwitting spectators held for ransom. 55
190 5万6千人の人質 56,000 Hostages
Volume 20 191 遠くからの眼 The Far Away Eye
192 逃げろ! Run! A real life gathering of an online magic club in a remote lodge turns deadly. 56
193 雪原の中で… In the Snowfield
194 怪しい動き Suspicious Movements
195 探索 Investigation
196 発露 Manifestation
197 サヨナラ Sayonara A chance encounter with a fellow Okino Yohko fan leads to the discovery of a suspicious suicide. 57
198 証拠が見える The Visible Proof
199 姉想い… Thinking of her elder sister...
200 孤城への誘い Invitation into the Lonely Castle A mystery in a castle in the middle of nowhere leads to Conan disappearing at the hands of a murderer. Can the Detective Boys solve the case without him? 58
Volume 21 201 そしてまた… And Again…
202 カウントダウン Countdown
203 象牙の塔 The Ivory Tower
204 最初の挨拶 His First Introduction Ran's plane trip with the Detective Boys leads to remembering Shinichi's first case, also on an airplane. 59
205 大空の密室 Mystery Room Murder in the Sky
206 最後切りの札 The Final Cut
207 胸に秘めて… Secreted Away in the Chest
208 桜田門の変!? The wife of a recently robbed bank manager is murdered. And the arrival of a certain Inspector causes problems for both Conan and Takagi. 60
209 警部の推理 The Inspector's Logic
210 意外な敵(ライバル) The Unanticipated Rival
211 東京日和 Tokyo Weather Our favorite Osakans are in Tokyo for a wedding, with Heiji counting on Conan's luck to deliver an exciting case to him. 61
Volume 22 212 おそろいや They Match
213 証拠は… The Proof is…
214 かかった獲物 The Catch
215 北斗星 Hokutosei A murder aboard a train is producing a sense of dejà-vu in Conan. Can he remember the ending in time to stop it? 62
216 馬脚を露わす!? True Nature Revealed?
217 to be continued… To be continued…
218 終着駅 The Final Station
219 それゆけ園子 You go, Sonoko! Sonoko is finally getting the attention she craves from a guy, unfortunately a knife wielding maniac has also taken an interest in her. 63
220 眠り姫 Sleeping Beauty
221 蹴撃の貴公子 The Princely Kickboxer
Volume 23 222 チネ・チッタ Cinecitta A trip to the movies ends once more in a murder mystery for the Detective Boys. 64
223 鏡の中の真実 Truth in the Mirror
224 夢の場所 Place of Dreams
225 影の計画師 A cruise ship contest brings a series of murders to Conan and terrible danger to Hattori. 65
226 殺意は燃えて…
227 意外な標的
228 波濤に消ゆ…
229 これが真実
230 証人生還
231 捜査開始!! When Satou gets stuck with a suspect, it's up to the Detective boys to help Takagi solve his case. 66
Volume 24 232 現場検証
233 カウントダウン
234 あと半年… It's been a half year since Shinichi disappeared, and Ran seems suspiciously interested in visiting a handosme young doctor, (with the obligatory murder). 67
235 闇の中
236 信じられぬ接点
237 最後の心
238 裏切りの街角 Conan and Haibara encounter Gin and Vodka again, but while trying to see what they're up to a syndicate member discovers Sherry's new identity in the midst of a murder at a party. 68
239 漆黒の葬列
240 突然の別れ
241 過去からの銃弾
242 白の世界
Volume 25 243 仲間外れ!? Insert summary here 69
244 死者は語らず
245 手探りの言葉
246 蜘蛛屋敷 70
247 恐怖を見た
248 平次の叫び
249 平次の怒り
250 言葉にできない
251 手負いの探偵団 Insert summary here 71
252 心強き名探偵達
253 一つの確信
Volume 26 254 迷える心 72
255 突然の侵入者
256 覆われた真実
257 命がけ復活
258 束の間の休息 Insert summary here 73
259 穏やかな時間
260 思い出の場所
261 琴線に触れた!? Insert summary here 74
262 消えた音
263 春よ来い?
Volume 27 264 身から出た錆 Insert summary here 75
265 重要参考人
266 思い切って…
267 18年前の男 Insert summary here 76
268 囚われた刑事
269 タイムリミット(時効成立)
270 ゲームスタート(試合開始) Insert summary here 77
271 TTX…
272 試合終了(ゲームオーバー)
273 呉越同舟 Insert summary here 78
Volume 28 274 小さな標的
275 殺意の真意
276 偽りの人 Insert summary here 79
277 一握りの証拠
278 恐怖の女
279 人魚の呪い? 80
280 命様の予言
281 悪魔の矢
282 最後の一矢
283 報わらぬ心
284 閉ざされた秘密 Insert summary here 81
Volume 29 285 小さな違和感
286 意外な理由
287 見えない恐怖 Insert summary here 82
288 危険信号
289 白日の下の潜伏
290 愛犬家たち Insert summary here 83
291 わずかな足跡
292 消えなかった証拠
293 Kスリー Insert summary here 84
294 最後の可能性
295 レッドカード
Volume 30 296 直球勝負 Insert summary here 85
297 開かれた密室
298 時間差の罠
299  糾合 86
300 トラジディ(惨劇)
301 密殺
302 スティング(誑欺)
303 元太の災難 87
304 元太の罠
305 そこには… Insert summary here 88
306 手がかり包囲網
Volume 31 307 隠れた言葉
308 偽者登場 Insert summary here 89
309 偽者の真実
310 偽りの時
311 暖かい海 Insert summary here 90
312 網にかかるは…
313 勇気ある決断
314 浪花の剣士 Insert summary here 91
315 移ろいの剣士
316 裁きの剣士
317 天下人の城 92
Volume 32 318 天下人の宝
319 時を越えて
320 浪花勧進帳
321 悲しみの虎の巻
322 久しぶりの終結 Insert summary here 93
323 アイドルたちの秘密
324 アイドルたちの誤解
325 ライオンの落し物 Insert summary here 94
326 P & A
327 バカな作戦
328 佐藤のお見合い Insert summary here 95
Volume 33 329 佐藤の勝算
330 佐藤の気持ち
331 血のブラッディバレンタイン① 96
332 血のブラッディバレンタイン ②
333 血のブラッディバレンタイン ③
334 血のブラッディバレンタイン ④
335 妻の忘れ形見 Insert summary here 97
336 清潔な香り
337 花野命…
338 「X」のその意味 Insert summary here 98
339 マル・バツ・サンカク・シカク
Volume 34 340 リンゴの狩り時
341 反撃の糸… Insert summary here 99
342 飛んだ隣人
343 あんた何者や
344 嵐のブーイング Insert summary here 100
345 疑惑のサポーター
346 エセサポーター
347 雨のデジャビュ Insert summary here 101
348 おしぼりの罠
349 晴れた記憶
350 ゴールデンアップル① 102
Volume 35 351 ゴールデンアップル②
352 ゴールデンアップル③
353 ゴールデンアップル④
354 ゴールデンアップル⑤
355 幽霊屋敷の謎① Insert summary here 103
356 幽霊屋敷の謎②
357 幽霊屋敷の謎③
358 消えた光彦① Insert summary here 104
359 消えた光彦②
360 消えた光彦③
361 デス・アイランド 105
Volume 36 362 危険な来訪者
363 ミステリー・ワード
364 グソーの使い
365 姫と龍宮城
366 悪意の中のパレード(行進) Insert summary here 106
367 ビデオの中の証拠
368 爆弾犯の狙い
369 帰らざる刑事 107
370 消せない記憶
371 赤い罠
372 この世で一番…
Volume 37 373 バイバイ…
374 小五郎の選択① Insert summary here 108
375 小五郎の選択②
376 小五郎の選択③
377 暗黒の足跡① Insert summary here 109
378 暗黒の足跡②
379 暗黒の足跡③
380 白い雪…黒い影… 110
381 危険なめぐり逢い
382 同乗者
Volume 38 383 新兵器!
384 意外なお宝 Insert summary here 111
385 歩美の心配
386 夕日と階段
387 汚れたヒーロー Insert summary here 112
388 狼たちの影
389 狼になれなかった男
390 服部平次絶体絶命!① Insert summary here 113
391 服部平次絶体絶命!②
392 服部平次絶体絶命!③
Volume 39 393 誘う赤馬 114
394 赤馬の影
395 赤馬の持ち主
396 赤馬の目的者
397 愚かなる模倣
398 引きさかれた友情① Insert summary here 115
399 引きさかれた友情②
400 引きさかれた友情③
401 小さな依頼者 Insert summary here 116
402 コクロのある女性
403 赤いホクロ…!?
Volume 40 404 甘いデートにご注意を! Insert summary here 117
405 不純な大捜索
406 不純な大捕り物
407 思い出のテニスコート Insert summary here 118
408 疑惑のカレー
409 声が出ない…!?
410 博士の初恋 Insert summary here 119
411 思い出の場所
412 初恋・再会・別れ
413 小五郎大失態 120
Volume 41 414 ママはライバル!?
415 疑惑の銃声
416 ナイトバロニス(闇の男爵夫人)の登場!
417 暗闇はデストロップ(死の罠)の扉 Insert summary here 121
418 暗闇の音なき殺人
419 黒い光の謎
420 迫る包囲網 Insert summary here 122
421 そこにある危機
422 逃れられないターゲット
423 ある来訪者の残した謎… Insert summary here 123
424 小さな密室に残された秘密

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