Kaitou Kid
Occupations:Gentleman Thief/Student

Kaitou Kid is Japan's greatest gentleman theif. His wits are only matched by Hakuba Saguru and Kudou Shinichi. Kaitou Kid's real identity is high school Student Kuroba Kaito. His childhood friend (& manga style quasi-girlfriend) is Nakamori Aoko. Aoko hates Kaitou Kid, unsurprisingly since her father, Nakamori Ginzou, is Kaitou Kid's main pursuer. Kaito's father, Kuroba Touichi, was a gentleman theif and world renowned magician, but he was killed 8 years ago.
Kaitou Kid is a master of disguise and can immitate anyone's voice. He uses elaborate deices such as a hang glider built into his cape. His exploits usually end up being a Robin Hood style good deed, or a failure to capture the item he was after.

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Featured in:44, 56, 86 16, 20, 30
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1. Kaitou Kid, and all his associated characters, are from Aoyama's earlier manga, Magic Kaito. His secret identity is known only to his father's former servant and Koizumi Akako, fellow classmate. (They appear only in the Kaito manga, although they make an appearance in a mixed Conan/Kaito anime special). Aoko, Nakamori, and Hakuba all appear in the Conan manga at some point. Kaitou Kid is shown much more suavely in the Conan manga, as the veiwer is shown more of his behind-the-scenes scramblings in the Kaito manga.
The "Kaitou" (怪盗) in Kaitou Kid has a long "O". The "Kaito" (快斗) in Kuroba Kaito has a short "o". So, even though it's confusing in English, it's two different names, not inconsistent spelling.

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