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Aoyama Goshou Tanpenshuu
Cover 青山剛昌短編集 青山剛昌 少年サンデー
Aoyama Goshou Tanpenshuu Aoyama Goushou Shounen Sunday
Aoyama Goshou Short Stories Collection Currently Untranslated
1994 A collection of the early short stories of Aoyama Goushou including one about a miniature detective.
Total: 1
Volume: 1

Akazukin Chacha
Cover 赤ずきんチャチャ 彩花みん リボン
Akazukin Chacha Ayahana Min Ribbon
Red Riding Hood Chacha Magical Girl Currently Untranslated
1993-2000 Chacha is a witch who can never seem to get her spells right. But with the help of the werewolf Riiya and the warlock Shiine, she becomes Magical Princess Holy-Up to fight evil.
Total: 13
Volumes: 1-13

Akachan to Boku
Cover 赤ちゃんと僕 羅川真里茂 花と夢
Akachan to Boku Ragawa Marimo Hana to Yume
Baby & Me Family Currently Untranslated
1993-1997 When Takuya’s mother dies, he has to look after his little brother, Minoru.
Total: 18
Volume: 1

Ichi Pound no Fukuin
Cover 一ポンドの福音 高橋留美子 YS
Ichi Pound no Fukuin Takahashi Rumiko Young Sunday
One Pound Gospel Sports Romance Translated by VIZ
1989-1996 Hatanaka is a boxer who falls in love with a novice Catholic nun. She tries to help him on his weight training while working through her own conflicted feelings.
Total: 3
Volumes: 1-3

Itsumo Misora
Cover いつも美空 あだち充 少年サンデー
Itsumo Misora Adachi Mitsuru Shounen Sunday
Always Misora Sports Romance Currently Untranslated
2000-2001 Softball, Misora, and a cat
Total: 5
Volumes: 1-4

Cover 犬夜叉 高橋留美子 少年サンデー
Inuyasha Takahashi Rumiko Shounen Sunday
Inuyasha Action Romance Translated by VIZ
1996-Present Kagome, a girl from our time, is pulled back to the feudal era of Japan where she teams up with the hostile half-demon Inuyasha to regain fragments of a shattered jewel of power. Eventually Kagome and Inuyasha grow closer and their party expands to include the fox-boy Shippo, the lecherous monk Miroku and the warrior Sango.
Total: 36+
Volumes: 1-33

Ushio to Tora
Cover うしおととら 藤田和日朗 少年サンデー
Ushio to Tora Fujita Kazuhiro Shounen Sunday
Ushio and Tora Action Anime Version
1990-1997 Ushio must team up with a Tora, a demon only he can see, to fight even worse demons that plague his home and school.
Total: 33
Volume: 1

Urusei Yatsura
Cover うる星やつら 高橋留美子 少年サンデー
Urusei Yatsura Takahashi Rumiko Shounen Sunday
Those Obnoxious Aliens, "Lum" Wacky Sci-fi Romance Translated by VIZ
1979-1986 In this classic Takahashi manga, Ataru is the biggest skirt-chaser on Earth, but he meets his match when alien princess Lum thinks he proposed to her. Now she zaps him whenever he looks at another girl, which is every waking moment. The stories mix crazy characters with Sci-fi and fantasy situations.
Total: 34
Volumes: 1-34

Excel Saga
Cover エクセル・サガ 六道神士 Young Kingアワーズ
Excel Saga Rikudo Koshi Young King Ours
Excel Saga Comedy Translated by VIZ
1999-2003 Excel works for Across, a mysterious organization trying to take over the world. First they need to at least take over the city though! Since she would do anything for her beloved leader, Ilpalazzo, Excel works against the odds with the only other member, Hyatt, who is constantly dying (and reviving). Among the insanity Menchi the dog continually tries to escape her fate as Excel’s “emergency food supply.”
Total: 10
Volumes: 1-10

Cover エックス CLAMP あすか
X, "X 1999" Action Translated by VIZ
1992-2002 Kamui holds the fate of the world in his hands as the battle between good and evil comes to a head in Tokyo
Total: 18
Volumes: 13-15

Cover エッチツー あだち充 少年サンデー
H2 Adachi Mitsuru Shounen Sunday
H2 Sports Romance Currently Untranslated
1993-2000 Something, something about baseball.
Total: 34
Volumes: 1-10, 17

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Cowboy Bebop
Cover カウボイビバップ 南天佑 あすか
Cowboy Bebop Nanten Yutaka Asuka
Cowboy Bebop Action Comedy Translated by Tokyo Pop
1999-2000 The adventures of Spike, Faye, Jet, Ed, and Ein in comic form! Warning-Jet and Spike are drawn with enormous man-lips.
Total: 3
Volumes: 1-3

Gakuen Tokkei Duklyon
Cover 学園特警デュカリオン CLAMP 角川
Gakuen Tokkei Duklyon CLAMP Kadokawa
Special Campus Guard Duklyon Action Comedy Translated by Tokyo Pop
1992-1993 An odd-couple protect the CLAMP school from evil.
Total: 2
Volumes: 1-2

Cover カツ あだち充 少年サンデー
Katsu! Adachi Mitsuru Shounen Sunday
WIN! Sports Romance Currently Untranslated
2002-present Boxing and stuff
Total: 12+
Volumes: 1-2

Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou
Cover 彼氏彼女の事情 津田雅美 花と夢
Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou Tsuda Masami Hana to Yume
His and Her Circumstances, Kare-Kano Romance Translated by Tokyo Pop
1996-present Miyazawa is a slob who works hard to pull off the perfect image at school. When her rival, Arima, discovers her secret, both of them must confront their darker sides.
Total: 18+
Volumes: 1-8

Kimagure Orange Road
Cover 気まぐれオレンジーロード まつもと泉 少年ジャンプ
Kimagure Orange Road Matsumoto Izumi Shounen Jump
Whimsical Orange Road Esper Romance Anime Version
1984-1988 Kyousuke comes from a family of espers, and while hiding his powers are a problem, it's not as bad as going out with Hikaru when he's in love with her best friend, Madoka.
Total: 18
Volumes: 1-10, 16-18

Ginga Tetsudou 999
Cover 銀河鉄道999 松本零士 小学館
Ginga Tetsudou 999 Matsumoto Leiji Shogakukan
Galaxy Express 999 Sci-fi Translated by VIZ
1984-1988 Tetsurou travels through space on the Galaxy Express 999 with the mysterious beauty Maetel.
Total: ?
Volumes: 1-5

CLAMP Gakuen Tanteidan
Cover CLAMP学園探偵団 CLAMP 角川
CLAMP Gakuen Tanteidan CLAMP Kadokawa
Clamp Campus Detectives Detective Translated by Tokyo Pop
1992-1993 Three members of the CLAMP grade school student council run a detective agency for female clients.
Total: 3
Volumes: 1-3

Koko wa Greenwood
Cover ここはグリーンウード 那州雪絵 花と夢
Koko wa Greenwood Nasu Yukie Hana to Yume
Here is Greenwood School Comedy Anime Version
1987-1991 Hasukawa is a student with bad luck, but it's finally turning around when he's healthy enough to enter school, but with his dorm full of wacky inhabitants it'll be hard to settle in.
Total: 11
Volumes: 1-11

Kodomo no Omocha
Cover 子どものおもちゃ 小花美穂 リボン
Kodomo no Omocha Obana Miho Ribbon
Child’s Toy, Kodocha Hyper Girl Translated by Tokyo Pop
1995-1999 Sana is a rising child actress whose maniacly hyper personality clashes against her cold classmate Hayama.
Total: 10
Volume: 10

Cover ゴルデンボイ 江川達也 YJ
Goldenboy Egawa Tatsuya Young Jump
Goldenboy Quasi-hentai Anime Version
1993-1996 Kitarou is a student of the human condition, he travels around studying, most of his subjects being beautiful females.
Total: 6
Volume: 1

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Cover 最遊記 峰倉かずや GFC / Zero Sum
Saiyuuki Minekura Kazuya GFC / Zero Sum
"Ultimate" Journey to the West Action Anime Version
1997-2002 Sanzou the priest and Gokuu the monkey boy journey to the West with their companions Gojou and Hakkai in this stylishly updated version of the old Chinese legend.
Total: 9
Volumes: 1-3, 5-6, 9

3x3 Eyes
Cover 3x3アイズ 高田裕三 ヤンマガ
3x3 Eyes Takada Yuzo Yanmaga
3x3 Eyes Action Translated by Dark Horse
1988-2002 Yakumo ends up helping the last in a race of cyclopes, Pai, in her quest to become human, but in the process becomes undead so that his fate is linked to hers.
Total: 40
Volumes: 1-4 (wide)

Shoujo Kakumei Utena
Cover 少女革命ウテナ さいとうちほ フラワー
Shoujo Kakumei Utena Saitou Chiho Flower
Revolutionary Girl Utena Action Translated by VIZ
1997-1999 Utena, inspired by an early childhood meeting, wants to be a prince more than anything, but she wasn't expecting duels to win the hand of the Rose Bride, and with it the power to change the world.
Total: 5 + AM
Volumes: 1-5 + AM

Short Program
Cover ショートプログラム あだち充 小学館
Short Program Adachi Mitsuru Shogakukan
Short Program Collection Translated by VIZ
1985-1995 A collection of short stories by Adachi Mitsuru highlighting his excellent storytelling skills.
Total: 2
Volumes: 1-2

Shinseiki Evangelion
Cover 新世紀エヴァンゲリオン 貞本義行 角川
Shinseiki Evangelion Sadamoto Yoshiyuki Kadokawa
Neon Genesis Evangelion Mecha Translated by VIZ
1995-Present A manga revisioning of the wildly popular Gainax anime, Shinji is one of the 15 year old pilots of giant mecha called Eva fighting to save humanity from "Angels." All of which is merely a backdrop for exploration of psychological and philisophical questions mixed with political intrigue.
Total: 9+
Volumes: 1-8

Cover スレイヤーズ 義仲翔子 角川
Slayers Yoshinaka Shoko Kadokawa Dragon jr.
Slayers Fantasy Translated by CPM
1995-2001 Lina Inverse is a sorceress paired up with Gourry, wielder of the Sword of Light, out to save the world, or at least make a profit.
Total: 8 + 1
Volumes: 1-7 + 1

Slayers Special
Cover スレイヤーズすぺしある トミイ大塚 角川
Slayers Special Tommy Ohtsuka Kadokawa Dragon jr.
Slayers Special Fantasy Translated by CPM
2000-2001 A chronicle of Lina Inverse's early journeys with her sidekick/rival Naga the serpent.
Total: 4
Volumes: 1-2

Slow Step
Cover スローステップ あだち充 フラワー
Slow Step Adachi Mitsuru Flower
Slow Step Sports Romance Currently Untranslated
1987-1991 Minatsu is a star softball player caught in a love triangle with a friend, a neighbor, and her coach. Boxing often upstages the softball portions.
Total: 7
Volumes: 1-7

Saber Marionette J
Cover セイバーマリオネットJ 琴義弓介 角川
Saber Marionette J Tommy Ohtsuka Kadokawa Dragon jr.
Saber Marionette J Action Romance Translated by Tokyo Pop
1997-1999 Robots Lime, Cherry, and Bloodberry fight to protect Otaru, while fighting over his affections.
Total: 5
Volumes: 1-2

Z Man
Cover ゼッドマン 西川秀明 少年ガンガン
Z Man Nishikawa Hideaki Shonen Gangan
Z Man Action Comedy Currently Untranslated
1991-1995 Z Man fights evil in a mythical future.
Total: 11
Volume: 2

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Cover タッチ あだち充 少年サンデー
Touch Adachi Mitsuru Shounen Sunday
Touch Sports Romance Currently Untranslated
1981-1987 Although I haven't gotten around to reading this yet, there's a 99.9% chance it's about sports and romance.
Total: 26
Bunko: 1

Denei Shoujo
Cover 電影少女 桂正和 少年ジャンプ
Denei Shoujo Katsura Masakazu Shounen Jump
Video Girl (Ai) Romance Translated by VIZ
1990-1993 Youta has a good heart, and so he's granted a membership to a magical video store, but when he puts his soft core rental in his broken VCR, tomboyish Ai comes out of the screen. Will Youta's new comapnion help his broken heart, or make things worse?
Total: 15
Volumes: 1-15

Tenkuu no Escaflowne
Cover 天空のエスカフローネ 克亜樹 角川
Tenkuu no Escaflowne Katsu Aki Kadokawa
Vision of Escaflowne Fantasy Mecha Translated by Tokyo Pop
1995-1998 Hitomi ends up in a magical world where mecha and fantasy coexist.
Total: 8
Volume: 1

Tenchi Muyou
Cover 天地無用 奥田ひとし 角川
Tenchi Muyou Okuda Hitoshi Kadokawa
No Need for Tenchie Action Romance Translated by VIZ
1994-2000 Tenchi is an ordinary teenager surrounded by several alien babes all vying for his affection.
Total: 12
Volumes: 1-3

Tokyo Babylon
Tokyo Babylon CLAMP Kadokawa (currently)
Tokyo Babylon Horror Romance Translated by Tokyo Pop
1991-1994 Subaru is the heir to one of the most powerful holy families in the world. Long ago he made a deal with his mysterious friend Seishirou...
Total: 7
Volumes: 1-7

Dokokade Nakushita Aitsuno Aitsu (DNA2)
Cover DNA2 何処かで失くしたあいつのアイツ 桂正和 少年ジャンプ
Dokokade Nakushita Aitsuno Aitsu (DNA2) Katsura Masakazu Shounen Jump
DNA2 Sci-fi Romance Anime Version
1993-1995 Karin has been sent back in time to keep Megaplayboy Junta from overpopulating the world. Unfortunately, not only does she accidentally turn him into the Megaplayboy, she can't seem to resist his charm either.
Total: 5
Volumes: 1-5

Dragon Half
Cover ドラゴンハーフ 見田竜介 ふみファンタジア
Dragon Half Mita Ryuusuke Fumi Fantasia
Dragon Half Fantasy Comedy Anime Version
1989-1990 Mink is a half-dragon, half-human looking to become all human in order to get together with her favorite pop idol, Dick Saucer.
Total: 7
Volumes: 1-7

Cover ドラゴンボール 鳥山明 少年ジャンプ
Dragonball Toriyama Akira Shounen Jump
Dragonball Action Translated by VIZ
1985-1995 Gokuu fights just about everyone in the universe.
Total: 42
Volume: 36

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Cover ナイン あだち充 少年サンデー
Nine Adachi Mitsuru Shounen Sunday
Nine Sports Romance Currently Untranslated
1978 Nine is about baseball, the title referring to the number of defensive players on the field.
Total: 5
Bunko: 1

Niji Iro Tougarashi
Cover 虹色とうがらし あだち充 少年サンデー
Niji Iro Tougarashi Adachi Mitsuru Shounen Sunday
Rainbow Colored Chili Pepper Jidai Romance Currently Untranslated
1990-1992 Shichimi is one of 7 siblings, all from different mothers, looking for his father in a samurai/sci-fi mixed tale.
Total: 11
Bunko: 2-5 (wb 1)

Nijuumensou ni Onegai
Cover 20面相にお願い CLAMP 角川
Nijuumensou ni Onegai CLAMP Kadokawa
“Man of Many Faces” Romance Translated by Tokyo Pop
1990-1991 Akira from Clamp Campus Detectives is a gentleman theif.
Total: 2
Volumes: 1-2

Ningyo Saga
Cover 人魚サガ 高橋留美子 少年サンデー
Ningyo Saga Takahashi Rumiko Shounen Sunday
Mermaid’s Forest, Mermaid’s Etc. Horror Translated by VIZ
1988, 1993 Yuta is one of the “lucky” few who found immortality thanks to consuming the flesh of the mermaid. Wanting to live a normal life, he searches with his previously sheltered companion, Mana, for a cure to the curse.
Total: 2
Volumes: 1-2

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Heart no Ace
Cover ハートのエース あだち充 EC
Heart no Ace Adachi Mitsuru EC
Ace of the Heart Sports Romance Currently Untranslated
1982 One of Adachi's earlier works.
Total: 1
Volume: 1

VS. Kishi Lamune & 40 Honoo
Cover VS. 騎士ラムネ&40炎 吉崎観音 角川
VS. Kishi Lamune & 40 Honoo Yoshizaki Mine Kadokawa Dragon jr.
Vs. knight lamune & 40 fires Comedy Currently Untranslated
1996-1998 Far out fantasy comedy by Yoshizaki Mine.
Total: 5
Volumes: 1-2

Hameln no Violin Hiki
Cover ハーメルンのバイオリン弾き 渡辺道明 少年ガンガン
Hameln no Violin Hiki Watanabe Michiaki Shonen Gangan
The Violinist of Hameln/ Hamern/ Hamelin Action Comedy Currently Untranslated
1991-2001 Anti-hero Hamel and holy girl Flute travel to Hameln to defeat Hamel's father, the evil Lord Chestra with each situation wackier and more hilarious than the next.
Total: 37
Volumes: 1-37

Bakuretsu Hunter
Cover 爆れつハンター 臣士れい でんげき
Bakuretsu Hunter Omishi Ray Dengeki
Sorcerer Hunters Action Comedy Anime Version
1993-1998 Sisters Tira and Chocolate fight evil in dominatrix costumes while fighting over their womanizing companion, Carrot.
Total: 13
Volumes: 1-13

Hana Yori Dango
Cover 花より男子 神尾葉子 マーガレット
Hana Yori Dango Kamio Yohko Margaret
Boys over Flowers Romance Translated by VIZ
1992-2004 Makino is a girl from a poor family who just wants to blend into her upperclass highschool until she can get out of it, but when she gets on the bad side of the school's most powerful clique, the F4, she finds herself alternating between romance and danger with the leader, Domyouji.
Total: 36
Volumes: 1-36

Hiatari Ryoukou
Cover スローステップ あだち充 フラワー
Hiatari Ryoukou Adachi Mitsuru Flower
Sunshine Around Romance Currently Untranslated
1980-1981 An early Adachi romance story
Total: 5
Volumes: 1-5

Hime-chan no Ribbon
Cover 姫ちゃんのリボン 水沢めぐみ リボン
Hime-chan no Ribbon Mizusawa Megumi Ribbon
Hime-chan’s Ribbon Magical Girl Currently Untranslated
1991-1994 Hime is a tomboy who gets the gift of a magical ribbon that can transform her into anyone.
Total: 10
Volumes: 1-10

Hirahira-kun Seishun no Nikki
Cover ヒラヒラくん青春の日記 あだち充 / 佐々木守 EC
Hirahira-kun Seishun no Nikki Adachi Mitsuru/ Sasaki Mamoru EC
Hirahira-kun Diary of Youth Romance Currently Untranslated
1982 A collaborative romance with Adachi illustrating.
Total: 1
Volume: 1

Phantom: Dead or Alive
Cover ファントム:デッドオアアライブ 渡辺道明 少年ガンガン
Phantom: Dead or Alive Watanabe Michiaki Shonen Gangan
Phantom: Dead or Alive Action Comedy Currently Untranslated
2002-2004 Takashi goes from a normal kid to a part of an air force out to save the world, but can he survive his wacky mentor?
Total: 8
Volumes: 1-6

Fushigi Yuugi
Cover 不思議ゆうぎ 渡瀬悠宇 フラワー
Fushigi Yuugi Watase Yuu Flower
Mysterious Play Adventure Romance Translated by VIZ
1992-1996 Miaka finds herself trapped in an ancient Chinese play destined to be the Suzaku priestess while harboring forbidden love for one of her protectors, Tamahome.
Total: 18
Volumes: 1-18

Blackjack (Best of)
Cover ブラックジャック 手塚治虫 秋田
Blackjack (Best of) Tezuka Osamu Akita
Blackjack Collection Translated by VIZ
(rerelease) 1993 A collection of the best stories of Blackjack, the rougue surgeon who charges outrageously but also performs acts of charity.
Total: 17
Bunko: 1

Houshin Engi
Cover 封神演技 藤崎竜 少年ジャンプ
Houshin Engi Fujisaki Ryuu Shounen Jump
“Soul Hunter” Action Anime Version
1996-2000 Taikoubou needs to fight a list of oponents, each harder than the last, for his Taoist training.
Total: 23
Volume: 1-3

Haunted Junction
Cover ホ-ンテッドじゃんくしょん 夢来鳥ねむ でんげき
Haunted Junction Mukudori Nem Dengeki
Haunted Junction Fantasy Comedy Anime Version
1996-2001 Haruto wants to be an ordinary student, but his priestly powers leave him forced into the Holy Student Council solving supernatural problems with a variety of the school's resident ghosts.
Total: 13
Volumes: 1-12

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Magic Kaito
Cover まじっく快斗 青山剛昌 少年サンデー
Magic Kaito Aoyama Goushou Shounen Sunday
Magic Kaito Comedy Currently Untranslated
1988-1994 Kuroba Kaito is a normal highschool student by day and the gentleman theif Kaitou Kid by night. Although completely suave when he guest stars in Conan, this Kaitou shows all the wackyness behind the legend as Kaito tries to keep his secret from his Kaitou Kid hating girlfriend and her father, the policeman sworn to bring him in.
Total: 3
Volumes: 1-3

Majutsushi Orphen
Cover 魔術師オーフェン 秋田禎信 角川
Majutsushi Orphen Akita Yoshinobu Kadokawa Dragon jr.
Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Comedy Anime Version
1998-2001 Sorceror Orphen battles to rescue a sorceress trapped in the form of a dragon.
Total: 6
Volumes: 1-2

Marmalade Boy
Cover ママレイドボイ 吉住渉 リボン
Marmalade Boy Yoshizumi Wataru Ribbon
Marmalade Boy Romance Translated by Tokyo Pop
1992-1996 When Miki's parents decide to spouse swap with another couple, the only good part seems to be Yuu, the other couple's son. Miki starts to fall in love with him, if only he didn't tease her so relentlessly.
Total: 8
Volumes: 1-8

Master Mosquiton
Cover マスターモスキートン 磯俣務 角川
Master Mosquiton Isomata Tsutomu Kadokawa Dragon jr.
Master Mosquiton Adventure Comedy Anime Version
1997-1999 Money grubbing Inaho uses Vampire Mosquiton as her servant on a fantastical treasure hunt set in the 1920s.
Total: 3
Volumes: 1-3

Matantei Loki
Cover 魔探偵ロッキ 木下さくら 少年ガンガン
Matantei Loki Kinoshita Sakura Shonen Gangan
Magical Detective Loki Action Currently Untranslated
1998-2001 Loki is a magical detective whose comic I bought to get a Hamelin bookmark during the Gangan fair.
Total: 7
Volume: 1

Mahou Tsukai tai
Cover 魔法使いTAI 太田多美 あすか
Mahou Tsukai tai Nanten Yutaka Asuka
“Magic Users Club” Comedy Translated by Tokyo Pop
1996-1998 Sae wants to be a witch, but she needs a lot of practice, especially since she's falling in love with the Magic Users Club president.
Total: 5
Volume: 1

Cover みゆき あだち充 少年サンデー
Miyuki Adachi Mitsuru Shounen Sunday
Miyuki Sports Romance Currently Untranslated
1980-1984 Masato is having a hard time not thinking about Miyuki
Total: 12
WB: 1

Cover 超世奇譚メイズ 臣士れい 角川
Maze Omishi Ray Kadokawa Dragon jr.
“Maze” Action Comedy Anime Version
1996-2000 Maze finds herself in another world saving a princess, but Maze turns into a man at night.
Total: 6
Volumes: 1-4

Maizon Ikkoku
Cover めぞん一刻 高橋留美子 Big Spirit
Maizon Ikkoku Takahashi Rumiko Big Spirit
Maizon Ikkoku Comedy Romance Translated by VIZ
1982-1987 Godai is a struggling college student staying in a rundown apartment with crazy neighbors, the only good thing in his life is the new apartment manager. Kyouko's young and beautiful, but also a widdow. Can Godai win her heart and succeed at something for once?
Total: 15
Volumes: 1-15

Meitantei Conan
Cover 名探偵コナン 青山剛昌 少年サンデー
Meitantei Conan Aoyama Goushou Shounen Sunday
Detective Conan Mystery Anime Version
1994-present Kudou Shinichi is your average famous highschool detective. However, when a crime organization tries to kill him with an experimental poison, his body shrinks to a child's size. He takes the name of Edogawa Conan to keep both the criminals and his quasi-girlfriend, Ran, in the dark about his real identity. The series follows the murder mysteries he solves while trying to regain his old identity.
Total: 46+
Volumes: 1-41, 43-44

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Cover YAIBA 青山剛昌 少年サンデー
YAIBA Aoyama Goushou Shounen Sunday
YAIBA Adventure Comedy Currently Untranslated
1990-1994 Yaiba has been raised in the wilderness all his life so that his father could train him in martial arts. When he's discovered by a city girl, wacky adventures ensue.
Total: 24
WB: 1-12

Cover 四番サード 青山剛昌 少年サンデー
YONBAN Third Aoyama Goushou Shounen Sunday
Fourth: Third Sports Comedy Romance Currently Untranslated
1993 A boy discovers a magical bat that helps him hit amazing homeruns. However, it costs money every time he uses it. Can he manage to treat the girl he likes to fancy dates and still afford to win the big game?
Total: 1
Volume: 1

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Cover ラフ あだち充 少年サンデー
Rough Adachi Mitsuru Shounen Sunday
Rough Sports Romance Currently Untranslated
1987-1989 More Adachi sports romance.
Total: 12
WB: 1

Ranma ½
Cover らんま½ 高橋留美子 少年サンデー
Ranma ½ Takahashi Rumiko Shounen Sunday
Ranma ½ Martial Arts Romance Translated by VIZ
1988-1996 While Ranma was training in China to become a martial artist, his father's choice of a cursed springs to train results in Ranma becoming a girl when splashed with cold water. On top of those troubles his arranged fiancée and he can't seem to get along.
Total: 38
Volumes: 1-31, 35-38

Lupin III
Cover ルパン三世 モンキー・パンチ 双葉
Lupin III Monkey Punch Souyou
Lupin III Action Comedy Translated by Tokyo Pop
1994 (reprint) Infamous gentleman theif, Lupin III (grandson of Arsène Lupin), searches for riches that seem to always elude his grasp. Chased by Inspector Zenigata, aided by sharpshooter Jigen and swordmaster Goemon, Lupin travels the world. What he'd most like to get his hands on though, is Fujiko, sometimes aiding Lupin, sometimes betraying him, but always focused on her own intersts.
Total: many
Volume: 3

Rumic World
Cover るみっくわるど 高橋留美子 小学館
Rumic World Takahashi Rumiko Shougakukan
Rumic World Collection Translated by VIZ
1988-1996 Takahashi's collection of funny and sweet short stories.
Total: 6
Volumes: 1-6

Rurouni Kenshin
Cover るろうに剣心 和月伸宏 少年ジャンプ
Rurouni Kenshin Watsuki Nobuhiro Shounen Jump
Rurouni Kenshin Action Translated by VIZ
1994-1999 Kenshin is a samurai trying to get over his bloody past.
Total: 28
Volume: 2

Lost Universe
Cover ロストユニバース 義仲翔子 角川
Lost Universe Yoshinaka Shoko Kadokawa Dragon jr.
Lost Universe Sci-fi Anime Version
1998-1999 Kaine and his Ship's software team up with Millie, trying to be the universe's best at something.
Total: 3
Volumes: 1-3

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Cover ワンテッド 尾田栄一 少年ジャンプ
Wanted Oda Eiichirou Shounen Jump
Wanted Collection Currently Untranslated
1998 A collection of Oda's stories including the original version of One Piece
Total: 1
Volume: 1

One Piece
Cover ワン・ピース 尾田栄一 少年ジャンプ
One Piece Oda Eiichirou Shounen Jump
One Piece Action Comedy Translated by VIZ
1997-present Luffy wants to be the pirate king.
Total: 33
Volumes: 1-29, 31

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