Suzuki Sonoko
Age:High School Sophomore
Location:Family Owns Many Houses

Suzuki Sonoko is Ran's best friend. Sonoko's father is the head of the Suzuki Corporation, so her family is extremely wealthy. Sonoko is completely boy crazy. She has a steady boyfriend later in the series, but because he's abroad, she still occasionally indulges in boy-chasing.
Conan occasionally uses Sonoko as the means to solve cases, much in the way he does Mouri. And fortunately she's more than willing to take the credit even though she doesn't remember any of her "work".

Story ArcsVolumes
Featured in:12-13, 21, 34, 39, 44, 50, 56, 63, 69, 72, 77, 81, 88, 90, 96, 98, 118, 1225-41
Appears in:some
Mentioned in:some

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