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File 36 暗号表入手!! A Code Sheet in Hand!!
File 37 暗号解読のABC The ABCs of Deciphering the Code
File 38 答ともうひとつの答 The Answer and Another Answer
File 39 光る魚の正体 The True Form of the Light Fish

Conan, not as enthuisiastic as the others about a treasure hunt When Ayumi's bag accidentally gets switched with a stranger's, Genta gets his hand on a mysterious piece of paper he is sure leads to treasure. It seems easy enough at first, but the sheet proves more complex. And the original owners of the sheet don't seem too eager to let it go.
Characters Involved:
Edogawa Conan
Yoshida Ayumi
Kojima Genta
Tsuburaya Mitsuhiko
Aoyama Plug   Cartoon Diagram of a horrible murder   Drunk Mouri   Panty Shot   Ran's Karate

Special Notes:
1. Masked Yaibar makes his first appearance in this story. The name is probably a play on Yaiba.
2. The fake products "Popsi" (Pepsi) "Can-Gola (Coca-cola) and Butweiser (Budweiser) all appear in some form in the story.
3. Ayumi says that Conan is like Kobayashi of the Detective Boys (少年探偵団), referring of a series created by Edogawa Ranpo and subsequently made into several films.
4. The kids read a Shounen Sunday with Ranma on the cover. There's also a Spirits magazine, also put out by Shougakukan.
5. The methods that the kids imagine themselves being"offed" with are ways that Aoyama uses for his self-portrait in the books.

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