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File 26 奇妙な贈り物 The Strange Presents
File 27 同一人物 The Same Person
File 28 8月3日の謎 The Mystery of August 3rd
File 29 眼前セーフ An Unmistakable "Safe"

Mouri explains the situation A doctor is regularly receiving strange, anonymous gifts for his son. Conan's interest in the case sparks a recognition in Ran that he bears a strong resemblance to Shinichi. Is Conan willing to give up his identity to save a little boy?
Characters Involved:
Edogawa Conan
Mouri Ran
Mouri Kogorou
Aoyama Plug   Panty Shot   Soccer Injury

Special Notes:
1. The letter Ran receives in the beginning is a wrap up of the previous story arc.
2. Beika Hospital is shown, the first indication of Conan living in "Beika", which is a play off of Holmes's Baker Street.
3. One of the toys in the story is a YAIBA game.
4. Conan reads a Shounen Sunday with Ushio and Tora on the cover.
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