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File 1 平成のホームズ The Heisei Holmes
File 2小さくなった名探偵The Miniaturized Detective

Mini Shinichi Kudou Shinichi is gaining fame as a detective, but when he tries to catch a crime syndicate in the middle of a blackmail, he's hit over the head and fed poison. The poison doesn't kill him as expected though, it shrinks his body to that of a first grader. Taking the name Edogawa Conan, Shinichi moves in with his unsuspecting childhood friend, Ran, and her Dad while trying to get back to normal.
Characters Introduced:
Kudou Shinichi/Edogawa Conan
Inspector Megure
Mouri Ran
Professor Agasa
Mouri Kogorou

Aoyama Plug   Cartoon Diagram of a horrible murder   Drunk Mouri   Panty Shot   Ran's Karate   Soccer Injury

Special Notes:
1. Heisei is the name of the current emperor of Japan, and thus the name of the current era (since 1989).
2. The Cafe below the Mouri Detective Agency is named, ポアロ, or "Poirot".
3. Professor Agasa eats at a restaurant named コロンボ, or "Columbo".
4. Among Shinichi's dad's book collection is a volume of Magic Kaito.
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