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File 68 新一の恋人!! Shinichi's Girlfriend!!
File 69 名探偵 蘭!? Great Detective   Ran!?
File 70 命のタイムリミット!? Life's Time Limit!
File 71 ついに見つけた!! Found at Last!!
The soccer ball is a clue? The day of a big soccer match, a girl comes to the Mouri Detective Agency looking for Shinichi. She claims to be his girlfriend and when Conan tells them that Shinichi will call her later, Ran insists on accompanying the girl to her home. Conan soon figures the girl is really looking for Shinichi to solve a kidnapping that is shaping the outcome of the soccer game. Can Conan solve the case with an angry Ran hot on his trail?
Characters Involved:
Edogawa Conan
Mouri Ran
Aoyama Plug   New Gadget   Ran's Karate

Special Notes:
1. The soccer teams Spirits and Big are competing for the Sunday cup. Shounen Sunday is the magazine that Conan appears in and Big Spirits is another put out by the same company.
2. The game "Onimaru Quest" that Conan finds is a reference to Yaiba's main rival, Onimaru.
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