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File 72 ナイトバロン Night Baron
File 73 恐怖のウイルス The Terrifying Virus
File 74 仮面の下 Beneath the Mask
File 75 蘭の涙 Ran's Tears
File 76 風のいたずら!? A trick of the Wind!?
File 77 落下地点の秘密 The Secret of the Dropping Point
Mouri unsurprisingly passed out at the bar The Professor gets Conan and the Mouris to go in his place to a Night Baron themed Mystery Tour. The point is to stay at a hotel where the organizer will cause strange events to happen, and from that the 10 guests will try to find a floppy disk with some program on it. Everything seems as normal as things get for Conan, until the Night Baron shows up and pushes Conan off a balcony!
Characters Involved:
Edogawa Conan
Mouri Ran
Mouri Kogorou
Inspector Yokomizo
Cartoon Diagram of a horrible murder   Drunk Mouri   Ran's Karate

Special Notes:
1. Professor Agasa is shown chatting on Sunday Net.
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