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File 87 花婿選び The Groom Selection
File 88 忍び寄る影 The Sneaking Shadow
File 89 死体がもうひとつ。。。 Another Corpse…
File 90 無差別殺人!? An Indiscriminate Killer!?
File 91 水の時間差トリック The Water Time Discrepancy Trick
Mouri's rental car is fine, now if only Mouri were in a condition to drive... Mouri is invited to the birthday party of an heiress for whom he solved a "difficult case" (he found her dog, Bubble). Flat tires, and threats from the birthday girl, keep four potential grooms stuck at the cabin with her (and Mouri as well, who is too drunk to drive home). When the young woman disappears for a while the men set out in a search party. Mouri and Conan discover a corpse, but it's not the missing girl, it's one of the searchers!?
Characters Involved:
Edogawa Conan
Mouri Ran
Mouri Kogorou
Drunk Mouri

Special Notes:
1. The party-goers call Mouri a modern-day Akechi Kogorou.
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