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File 92 西の名探偵 The Great Detective of the West
File 93 二人の推理 Double Deduction
File 94 東の名探偵。。。!? The Great Detective of the East…!?
File 95 東の名探偵現る!? The Great Detective of the East Appears!?
Two heads may be better than one, but they sure bonk into each other more easily. If Conan having a cold isn't bad enough, a high-school detective from Osaka, Hattori Heiji, shows up determined to measure himself against Shinichi. Sure enough, a client shows up at Mouri's asking them to investigate her future daughter-in-law for her. With Conan's luck, they find the woman's husband dead in a room that seems perfectly sealed off. Hattori is beginning to suspect that Shinichi's the power behind Mouri, but will he get a chance to match wits with Conan, who collapses from a fever?
Characters Involved:
Edogawa Conan
Mouri Ran
Mouri Kogorou
Hattori Heiji
Inspector Megure
Drunk Mouri

Special Notes:
1. Heiji speaks with a Kansai accent. (Kansai is the area south-west of Tokyo, including Osaka and Kyoto). The accent includes shortening or lengthening the ending of some nouns, different verb endings, and some specialized vocabulary. It is generally understood by the general population, but like any dialect, can be confusing to the uninitiated.
2. This is the story where Shinichi gives the basic form of his "真実はいつも一つ" line ("There is always only one truth"). (Though, just like Holmes, he never says his famous line verbatim in print).
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