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File 102 生放送中の死 The Live Broadcast Death
File 103 幻の道 The Phantom Path
File 104 緊急推理ショー The Emergency Deduction Show
Mouri just finds out he's revealed his infidelity on live TV Mouri appears on a mystery show on tv. Only after making a phone call setting up a date with a mistress does he learn the broadcast is live. The current host was going to be replaced by a sexy woman, thanks to a producer looking for ratings. The host claims, however, that the producer changed his mind. During the mystery part of the program, the producer is mysteriously shot and Conan is sure the host did it.
Characters Involved:
Edogawa Conan
Mouri Ran
Mouri Kogorou
Megure Juuzou
Aoyama Plug   Panty Shot

Special Notes:
1. The TV detective, Kirishima Jouji, is the same name as Aoyama's miniature detective from his short story collection.
2. The Yohko Conan mentions is Mouri's favorite idol from Story Arc 3.
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