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File 105 大事な人!? Important Person!?
File 106 凶器のありか The Weapon's Whereabouts
File 107 二つの謎 Two Mysteries
Jealous Conan isn't about to let Ran have a secret date Conan catches Ran sneaking out of the house one morning. She claims to be going on a date with Shinichi, but Conan's superb detective skills allow him to eventually realize that she must have been lying. Following her, Conan forces Ran to reveal that it isn't Shinichi, but someone who's been very important to her. While Ran goes out to get a cake, trying to bribe Conan to leave, several people show up at the cafe. One of them must be the person Ran's meeting--also one of them murders a girl in the bathroom.
Characters Involved:
Edogawa Conan
Mouri Ran
Megure Juuzou
Kisaki Eri
Drunk Mouri

Special Notes:
1. The scenes of Mouri on TV are from the previous story arc.
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