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File 134 落葉の中の尋問 Interrogation in the Falling Leaves
File 135 母さんの胸の中!? In Mother's Heart!?
File 136 コナンの笑み。。。 Conan's Smile…
File 137 有希子の笑み。。。 Yukiko's Smile…
File 138 もう一人の。。。。 Another…

Conan reacting to his mother affirming her marriage is going really well The jig is almost up as Ran interogates Conan to get him to confess to being Shinichi, but fortunately his mother shows up and saves the day. She whisks him off to visit a friend whose father has recently died. A prodigal uncle returns from Brazil, and the rest of the family thinks he's an imposter after an inheritance. The following murder and mysterious stranger can't cause quite as much trouble for Conan as his mom's joy at having her "little boy" back.
Characters Involved:
Edogawa Conan
Mouri Ran
Kudou Yukiko
Officer Yamamura
Ran's Karate

Special Notes:
1. Yukiko says that Conan is her grandfather's older brother's daughter's cousin's uncle's grandchild's kid, which happens to be true.
2. The first few pages of the first file are translated here.
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