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File 139 奇妙な集まり A Strange Gathering
File 140 最後の客 The Last Guest
File 141 ない!? None!?
File 142 消えた凶器 The Vanished Weapon
File 143 涙で語る真実 The Truth Conveyed with Tears
Sonoko decides that lunch is on Ran. Sonoko, Ran and Conan are on a skiing trip when they run into the girls' elemtary school teacher. They all stay together in a lodge, when someone strangles Sonoko and her former teacher. Fortunately, both survive, but the next victim isn't so lucky. With Sonoko recovering, can Ran help Shinichi convey the truth of the attacks?
Characters Involved:
Edogawa Conan
Mouri Ran
Suzuki Sonoko
Aoyama Plug   New Gadget   Panty Shot   Ran's Karate

Special Notes:
1. Sonoko's pose and comments about winter reflect the ones she made in the beginning of story arc 34 (vol. 13).
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