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File 144 声が似てる!? Our voices are similar!?
File 145 狙うは。。。 The Target is…
File 146 デュエット! Duet!
Conan with Takayama & Shinya. While Ran and Sonoko wait in line for a Two-Mix concert the Detective Boys run into Takayama Minami (the singer) who ends up kidnapped in front of them. Now it's up to them to save Two-Mix and figure out why the kidnappers aren't interested in money. And what's this? Conan and Miyami sound an awful lot alike..?
Characters Involved:
Edogawa Conan
Yoshida Ayumi
Kojima Genta
Tsuburaya Mitsuhiko
Aoyama Plug   Soccer Injury

Special Notes:
1. The premise of this story is funny because Takayama Minami is Conan's voice actress and she plays both herself and Conan.
2. The Detective Boys say Two-Mix did the soundtrack to Yaibar, in real life they did most of the Gundam Wing music and the Conan opening "Truth~A Great Detective of Love~".
3. The songs in this story, Living Daylights and White Reflection are both real Two-Mix songs.
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