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File 147 指をペロッ!? Wetting His Thumb!?
File 148 魔法を使った!? They used Magic!?
File 149 悪魔の呼び声 The Demon's Call
Ran wins at mahjong again. Mouri, with Conan tagging along, is playing mahjong when one of the 4 players has to go home. They phone a Mahjong-fanatic loan shark across the street to join in, and he agrees to be there in a half hour. After waiting more than a half-hour, (and enduring the unnaturally lucky Ran as a temporary replacement), the men go across the street to find the loan shark. An employee coming back to retrieve his cellphone lets them in the office, but they have to break into the boss's locked office to find him dead on the floor. No one has been in the office since the employees left, there's no trace of poison anywhere but on the victim's thumb. One of the three employees must have done it, but how?
Characters Involved:
Edogawa Conan
Mouri Ran
Mouri Kogorou
Inspector Megure

Special Notes:
1. Ran's unnaturally high luck with gambling is introduced here.
2. The game center at the end is called "Baker."
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