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File 150 血染めの包帯 The Blood Stained Bandages
File 151 白き殺人者 The White Murderer
File 152 真実の電話 Phone of Truth
File 153 炎の絆 The Bond of Flames
Heiji absconds with Conan. Mouri is excited to be hired by a prominent company president for what's sure to be a challenging case. It turns out an old friend of the president has recomended him for the simple purpose of finding a "first love". Or rather the friend's son recomended Mouri, turning out to be none other than Hattori Heiji. Heiji's instincts for calling Conan are right, as the president's son seems to have murdered his sister's husband!
Characters Involved:
Edogawa Conan
Hattori Heiji
Mouri Ran
Mouri Kogorou
Inspector Megure
Cartoon Diagram of a horrible murder

Special Notes:
1. Heiji's father, Hattori Heizou is introduced at the beginning.
2. This story contains the first overt joke about a "relationship" between Heiji and Shinichi, which is fan-service for the female readers.
3. In the final chapter Conan's flashback is to the events in story arc 18.
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