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File 176 転校生は… Transfer Student…
File 177 黒ずくめの女 Woman in Black
File 178 コードネーム・シェリー Codename: Sherry
Haibara Ai is pushed into the club. Haibara Ai, a transfer student seems unfriendly, but seems to have an interest in Conan. Ayumi manages to convince her to come along on a case. A classmate's brother disappeared and the trail seems to lead to counterfeiters and a woman in black. Could she be a member of the crime syndicate?
Characters Involved:
Edogawa Conan
Yoshida Ayumi
Kojima Genta
Tsuburaya Mitsuhiko
Haibara Ai
Soccer Injury

Special Notes:
1. The addresses in Japan are so confusing that it's not too farfetched that Shinichi might not know the ones in his neighborhood.
2. Natsume Souseki is a famous writer from the late 1800s (best known for Kokoro). The portrait shown here is used on the 1,000 yen note.
3. The name APTX 4869 is a sort of a joke since "4869" can be read as シヤロック or "Sherlock".
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