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File 179 偽りの少女 The Deceptive Girl
File 180 チェックメイト Checkmate
File 181 どうして… Why…
Conan is surprised to find out where Haibara Ai lives. Conan agrees to go along with Haibara to find floppies that have data about APTX 4869 on them. The college professor holding them agrees to return them. When they get there the college professor is dead, aparently from a bookcase falling on him. The victim was in a perfectly sealed room, so everyone says it's an accident, but Conan suspects otherwise.
Characters Involved:
Edogawa Conan
Haibara Ai
Professor Agasa
Yokomizo Sango
Drunk Mouri

Special Notes:
1. Hirota Masami is the name that Miyano Akemi used in Story Arc 5.
2. The Night Barron Virus is first mentioned in Story Arc 20.
3. Much of the story is flashbacks to Story Arc 5.
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