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File 182 蒸発した文士 The Vanished Writer
File 183 1/2 の頂点 Halfway-up
File 184 フランスにて… In France..
Another slip up by Conan ends in a lame excuse. A writer has disappeared and only his daughter seems concerned. A manuscrpit is being faxed all over Japan, deciphering it should lead to the writer's location. A call from Heiji proves as much hinderance as help to Conan. Can the daughter find her father in time?
Characters Involved:
Edogawa Conan
Mouri Ran
Mouri Kogorou
Inspector Megure

Special Notes:
1. Agatha Christie set a precident for mystery writers disappearing and reappearing with no warning or explanation, partially expalining the police's reluctance to immediately consider the case a kidnapping.
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