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File 185 食いだおれの街 The "Eat 'til You Drop" City
File 186 四人目の財布 The Fourth Wallet
File 187 財布の中の Inside the Wallets
File 188 免許証の秘密 The Secret of the Licenses
Hattori teases Conan with nearly revealing his identity, yet agian. Heiji Hattori finally gets Conan to come down to Osaka where a series of murders is occuring only known to the police. When one of the murders occurs in front of Hattori and Conan, they become involved in the dangerous tracking of the criminal. Hattori has been having dreams about Shinichi being stabbed, they couldn't possibly come true, could they? And is someone stalking Ran?
Characters Involved:
Edogawa Conan
Mouri Ran
Hattori Heiji
Tohyama Kazuha
Mouri Kogorou
Inspector Ohtaki

Special Notes:
1. The first title is a reference to a saying that in Kyoto you spend all your money on clothes, and in Osaka you spend it all on food. Thus in the Japanese, the reference to Osaka is immediately recognized.
2. The name Tohyama is a reference to a long running tv/movie character called Tohyama Kinshirou (whose name Mouri borrows to impress girls in story arc 89).
3. This story arc introduces Captain Tohayama, Kazuha's father, and beings back Hattori Heizou, Heiji's father.
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