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File 204 最初の挨拶 His First Introduction
File 205 大空の密室 Mystery Room Murder in the Sky
File 206 最後切りの札 The Final Cut
File 207 胸に秘めて… Secreted Away in the Chest
Shinichi couldn't sleep next to a sleeping Ran. A flashback to Shinichi's first case halping the Beika Police. When a prize winning photographer ends up dead in an airplane lavatory, a young Shinichi steps in to help Megure and Takagi. Shinichi can solve his first official case, but only with Ran's help, through what she considers sexual harrassment!
Characters Involved:
Kudou Shinichi
Mouri Ran
Inspector Megure
Officer Takagi

Special Notes:
1. The story shows that Shinichi can speak English fluently.
2. This story indicates that despite the fact that Takagi wasn't created until a ways into the series, he was created with the intention that he had been around before the series started.
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