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File 208 桜田門の変!? Soemthing's Strange with Sakuradamon
File 209 警部の推理 The Inspector's Logic
File 210 意外な敵(ライバル) The Unanticipated Rival
Officer Satou takes an interest in Conan. A trip to the police station for the Detective Boys lands Conan in the midst in the case of a bank robbery. The bank manager's wife, who was used as a hostage, has called Officer Takagi promising insight into the case, but near the appointed time her husband calls her from the station, only to hear some disaster befall her. Officers Takagi and Satou rush to her house along with the husand (and Conan) to find she's been stabbed. Conan begins to suspect the husband, but he was with them at the time of the murder. Meanwhile, things are looking glum for Officer Takagi as suddenly Inspector Shiratori shows up as a rival for Officer Satou's affection.
Characters Involved:
Edogawa Conan
Officer Takagi
Officer Satou
Inspector Shiratori

Special Notes:
1. The Detective Boys are at the police station because of the events in story arc 58.
2. Although this is Inspector Shiratori's first appearance in the manga, he was created as a character for the first movie (playing a sizable role in the first three movies).
3. Commissioner Matsumoto makes a breif appearance at the end of the story.
4. This is the first story to start using Takagi and Satou together, as a break from using Megure whenever the stories happen in Beika.
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