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File 211 東京日和 Tokyo Weather*
File 212 おそろいや They Match
File 213 証拠は… The Proof is…
File 214 かかった獲物 The Catch
Conan kicks Heiji over his habit of letting secrets slip. Heiji and Kazuha show up for a wedding happening in Tokyo, first spending their free time with the gang. While Kazuha and Ran work out more of the rocky steps their aquaintanceship got off to, Heiji is hoping Conan's presence will bring some adventure. Just when things are looking thier dullest, Shinichi's luck brings on the murder of the butler of the family Heiji is visiting.
Characters Involved:
Edogawa Conan
Hattori Heiji
Mouri Ran
Tohyama Kazuha
Mouri Kogorou
Inspector Megure
Officer Takagi
Panty Shot  

Special Notes:
1. The opening comments by Heiji and Kazuha, coupled with the Tokyoite's reactions reflects a not uncommon view of Osakans as less urbane than people from Tokyo.
2. Kazuha's reference to Ran and Heiji's clothing matching is back from story arc 54.
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