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File 215 北斗星 Hokutosei
File 216 馬脚を露わす!? True Nature Revealed?
File 217 to be continued… To be continued…
File 218 終着駅 The Final Station
Ran finds Conan. The Mouris and Conan are on their way to visit the Hatamotos--via an express train to Hokkaido full of mysterious people. Conan soon develops a severe case of deja-vu, culminating with the murder of a passenger. Conan soon remembers the trip is playing out just like a mystery novel his dad had written. Will the novel play out to its ending (with the death of a brainy, young man in glasses), or can Conan and the mysterious lady following him solve the case?
Characters Involved:
Edogawa Conan
Mouri Ran
Mouri Kogorou
Kudou Yukiko
Kudou Yuusaku
Cartoon Diagram of a horrible murder  

Special Notes:
1. The Hatamoto family is from all the way back in story arc 7.
2. The mystery set on a train was of course made legendary by Agatha Cristie's Murder on the Orient Express.
3. The name Akechi Fumiyo is a mix of "Akechi Kogoro" and Fumiyo, the name of "Conan's" mother.
4. One of the police officers mentions a rumor that Mouri is cursed, an in-joke on the plot necessity of having him present at so many murders.
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