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File 219 それゆけ園子 You go, Sonoko!
File 220 眠り姫 Sleeping Beauty
File 221 蹴撃の貴公子 The Princely Kickboxer
Conan's suspicions mount. Ran, Sonoko and Conan are vacationing in Izu, where Sonoko has been enthusiastically taking pictures of loving couples. When a young man shows interest in Sonoko (and not Ran), Sonoko's enthusiasm is tempered by a gruff inn employee who seems to be intent on spoiling the mood. Worse than that, a series of murders of brown-haired girls is taking place and somone seems to be targetting Sonoko.
Characters Involved:
Edogawa Conan
Mouri Ran
Suzuki Sonoko
Officer Yokomizo
Kyogoku Makoto
Panty Shot   Ran's Karate  

Special Notes:
1. Another clue in the "Ran is beginning to suspect Conan" file: Ran looks to Conan for confirmation about what Shinichi would think at the beginning.
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