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File 45 カラオケ殺人! The Karaoke Killing
File 46 自殺か他殺か? Suicide or Murder?
File 47 歌に秘められた謎 The Mystery within the Song
File 48 すれちがい。。。 A Near Miss…

Ran and Sonoko feel a bit self-concious Sonoko uses her father's connections to meet with the band Lex, and for a chance to hook up with her latest crush, Tatsuya the vocalist. However, it soon becomes clear that relations aren't going well within the band. Tatsuya drinks heavily, ridiculing the other members one-by-one. When he suddenly collapses, it seems someone managed to kill him without Conan noticing.
Characters Involved:
Edogawa Conan
Mouri Ran
Suzuki Sonoko
Inspector Megure
Aoyama Plug

Special Notes:
1. The title page has Conan and Ran singing along to the Yaiba theme, 勇気があれば (If You Have Courage).
2. Ran and Sonoko sing Ochida Yuki's "Tencaを取ろう--内田の野望--" together.
3. Nobita is the boy that Doraemon always helps out, and you could say he's pretty helpless with or without Doraemon's gadgets.
4. Mieko, the guitarist, sings "Sayonara" by Oda Kazumasa.

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