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File 49 見知らぬ来訪者 The Unknown Visitor
File 50 脱出そして追跡 Escape, then Pursuit
File 51 仮面の下の真実 The Truth Under the Mask

Conan inquiring who the lady really is Ran is worried because Conan's parents haven't contacted him since he moved in. Fortunately "Edogawa Fumiyo" shows up in time to save Conan from an awkward situation. Unfortunately, Conan has no mother and the stranger knows his real identity. Conan must escape, but still find out more about his captors.
Characters Involved:
Edogawa Conan
Professor Agasa
Kudou Yukiko
Kudou Yuusaku

Special Notes:
1. Conan tricks a little boy into thinking he's from planet Ranpoh, probably a reference to Edogawa Ranpo.

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