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File 52 三人の訪問客? The Three Guests
File 53 三人のアリバイ The Three Alibis
File 54 留守番電話の謎 The Mystery of the Answering Machine
File 55 タンスの言葉 The Words on the Bureau

Conan gets ready to use his box-cutter of truth! Mouri is reporting a wife's infidelity to a man who hired him. Another visitor calls the man away, and after a long wait filled with continuous phone-ringing Mouri gets fed up. He enters the house, startling the maids, but they're in for a bigger shock when they discover the master of the house dead from what appears to be a violent sword fight. One of the three men scheduled to meet him that day must have done it, but which one?
Characters Involved:
Edogawa Conan
Mouri Ran
Mouri Kogorou
Inspector Megure

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