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File 111 博士の宝箱 The Professor's Treasure Box
File 112 黒い太陽 Black Sun
File 113 宝の正体 The Treasure's True Form
Conan voices his theory about how Agasa came into money recently. Professor Agasa has come into money thanks to a revamped invention, so he's taking the Detective Boys to "help" him with a treasure hunt in his family cabin. They manage to find the goods (toys that Agasa had bought and planted himself the previous week), but someone has broken in and stabbed the toys to bits. It seems there are cyphers in the cabin that hint at a bigger treasure hidden in the cabin, and the stakes are bigger as well.
Characters Involved:
Edogawa Conan
Yoshida Ayumi
Kojima Genta
Tsuburaya Mitsuhiko
Professor Agasa
New Gadget   Soccer Injury

Special Notes:
1. This is the first appearance of the Professor's Volkswagen.
2. Conan points out the similarities of the cyphers to the Sherlock Holmes story "The Dancing Men."
3. One of the hidden toys is a Yaibar doll.
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